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If you have a pinball machine that is currently not working or you would like to have your machine look and play like new again, contact us today.

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We are a father and son team who not only enjoy playing pinball, but who really love getting non-working pinball machines back in service.  We have repaired all makes and models from the 1930s to present-day machines and are the go-to experts in the Fox River Valley for EM (pre-1980) pinball repair.

Our goal is to get your pinball machine to look and play even better than it did when it was new.

At Father and Son Pinball, we will always give you an honest estimate of what it will take to get your machine up and running.  We will also tell you if the repairs would be more than what the machine is worth.  We want you to be happy and satisfied.

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Pinball machines have literally thousands of parts, maybe as many as your car. Diagnosing problems takes time, expertise, concentration and specialized tools. Our shop is set up for just that. Pinball machines were originally designed to last under five years, because no one made money off of machines that the public was bored with. After 20 to 30 years the machines that are still around can have some challenges.  Very often, when one thing is wrong with a machine it can cause other unseen problems that can only be uncovered by completely going through the machine.  We have spent hundreds of hours traveling across the country to train/apprentice with retired pinball repairmen/operators and thousands of dollars outfitting our shop.

Our experience has proven that it is much better for you the customer to have us completely go through your machine versus just fixing one thing.  We go through every machine from top to bottom, everything is removed from the playfield and cleaned. The playfield is waxed and we replace all of the rubber and replace the bulbs with cooler running LED bulbs.  We clean and adjust all motors, switches and reels.  Your machine won’t leave our shop until you are happy with it.

Currently For Sale

Game Name Notes Status
Viper Night Drivin’ Completely torn down, cleaned and restored. New clear rubber. Original Glo Balls. New mpu, NVRAM, upgraded sound with subwoofer. Beautiful rare machine. Ready to Pickup
Cyclone New center ramp, new power board and new red LED displays Ready to Pickup
Vagabond Awaiting Restoration
Team One Awaiting Restoration
Super Soccer Awaiting Restoration
Solids N Stripes Brand new backglass Awaiting Restoration
Soccer Awaiting Restoration
Hollywood Awaiting Restoration
Hi-Score Pool Repainted cabinet Awaiting Restoration
Bow and Arrow Awaiting Restoration
Lucky Hand New drop targets Awaiting Restoration
The Six Million Dollar Man Awaiting Restoration


We also have various other coin-op games for sale including shuffle bowlers, pitch and bat baseball machines and electro-mechanical shooting games.  Please give us a call at (920)-422-6100 for what we currently have ready to restore.

We Buy Machines

We pay top dollar and we are always buying pinball machines, shuffle bowlers, classic arcade shooting machines, etc.  We don’t part-out or scrap machines.  We strive to bring every machine back to working condition so someone new can enjoy the machine.  Please contact us at (920)422-6100 if you have a machine you no longer want.

“Mike and his family have successfully brought our pinball machine out of the ashes! Mike did the work for a fair price, and he and his family have an obvious love of classic machines. The pain staking work they did to bring our 1975 air aces is clear when playing it. I don’t have any expertise in pinball machines whatsoever. When I dropped our machine with mike and his family, it was clear to me that they are fellow pin-nerds. Our machine is now a fixture in our basement bar, and I just can’t wait to share it with our family and friends. I will personally vouch for these guys any day of the week, and expect to bring them another 70’s era machine very soon.

Thank you guys so much!! We’re so pumped!! She’s playing like an all star!”

P. Hackett

“Mike and his son restored my 70s Meteor machine and it works like new. They also replaced the old lighting with new LED lights. Wow, does it pop now. My entire family loves playing it. Great to work with and very reasonable pricing!”

T. Thiel

“Mike and Nick have been super in helping us acquire a couple new machines and servicing the one we had. They replaced the bulbs on one pinball machine with LED lights at a reasonable price. These guys take a lot of pride in a job well done every time.”

M. Westemeier

Contact Us

We have an initial charge of $100 for service and diagnostic fees. These are waived if any work is completed by us.

Call us today at (920) 422-6100 or email us at fatherandsonpinball@gmail.com for an appointment.  You can drop off your machine at our shop, or if you are out of the area, contact us for shipping options.  Due to health concerns we no longer do house calls.

The pinball machine is collateral for the work being completed and therefore becomes property of Father and Son Pinball if Father and Son Pinball is not reimbursed for repairs completed. Father and Son Pinball is not liable for any damage due to weather, natural disasters, fire or flooding while in possession of the pinball machine.